For the past few weeks, I have not been able to contain the excitement I have for Gabrielle Douglass!!! Thursday night, I cheered, clapped, jumped, and shouted as she competed and won ANOTHER gold medal (not to mention MADE HISTORY with her stellar performances with style and grace in ALL THE EVENTS)!!!! Gabby was ON FIRE and showed she was ready for the challenge of doing what she had to do to achieve her GOAL of winning GOLD!!!

During the weeks leading up to the Olympics, I got misty-eyed every single time I saw Gabby on TV. Typically, I’m not the “waterworks” type, but  an overwhelming feeling of accomplishment, pride and joy crept inside my heart. It was like “we”  had already “made it!” Gabby’s journey to winning two Olympic Gold medals reminds me of the negro gospel lyrics, “We’ve come this far by faith…”.  Blazing a new trail as the first African-American and first woman of color in Olympic history to become the individual all-around champion, not to mention becoming the FIRST American gymnast to win gold in both the individual all-around and team competitions at the same Olympics, (…WOW, still taking it all in…) Gabby Douglass is a 16-year-old superstar! Maybe another reason I think about the gospel mentioned above is because in interviews, after her magical performances, the cool, calm and always collected young lady expresses her thanks to the Lord and her family. Last night after winning, she said “…I give all the glory to God, it’s kind of a win-win situation. The glory goes up to Him and the blessings fall down on me” (*AMEN!!!)

Gabby teaches lessons we can all learn and grow from…some in which words may not be able to quickly express (but kinda remind me of a feeling from November, 2008 when then Senator Barack Obama was elected President of the United States…*in which I’m still kinda in awe). I love the way Gabby held her head high, unapologetically showing she DESERVED to be there, and that it was HER time to shine! The epitome of  a great role model, and image of what happens when hard work, determination, sacrifice, and hope merge, Douglass penned a blog posting on June 14th for  (featured on

“Two years ago was the first time I made the national team. I feel like I’m the underdog who is starting to come out on top. I am so thankful to Chow, because he has shaped me into this awesome gymnast I never knew I could be. I dreamed about it, for sure, but with Chow’s help, my dreams are becoming real.

You have to dream big, and I do visualize myself standing on the top of that podium in London. It’s why I decided to move to Iowa almost two years ago. I had to move away from my home in Virginia Beach, Va., and live with a host family to do it, but I knew if I wanted to be the best, Chow was the coach to get me there.”

Not only did her big dream become reality (as the whole WORLD saw her stand “on top of that podium in London”)…she inspired a new generation of gymnasts to start thinking they can earn gold medals, too! Gabby’s influence doesn’t stop with a fresh crop of tumblers…she reinvigorated people of all ages to believe..believe in hopes…believe in dreams…believe in hardwork…believe in a higher power…believe in excelling at ANYTHING that’s visualized…believe WE CAN be champions…and believe  we can win any “goal” we strive to achieve!

Image from

I think Gabby’s tenacity is inspiring! What are your thoughts about the phenom?

Below are a few of my favorite articles providing coverage of this milestone in history:

Here’s Gabby’s personal account after making HERSTORY!

USA TODAY article: Gabby speaks on being FIERCE!

Article from The Washington Post with links to other commentary surrounding Gabby’s win…

Special “Gabulous” post with celebratory reactions of Douglass’s win from President Obama, Beyonce’, Oprah and others…

(How legendary…on the cover of TIME magazine and a box of cereal at 16 years old…it only goes up from here!)


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