When It’s Time To Press RESET…

I just started reading this awesome book by Valorie Burton called “Successful Women Think Differently” (don’t worry guys, there’re awesome lessons in there that are gender neutral..) and the text is quite a page turner! While there are many worthwhile lessons and thought provoking questions/exercises in each chapter, a few have already stood out for me:

-Burton’s definition of “success,” which is as follows: “Success is a harmony of a purpose, resilience, and joy…Success is living your life’s purpose and embracing resilience and joy as you do.” (p.11)

After defining success, Burton goes on to mention that “you cannot live your life’s purpose unless you are in some way serving others” and posses the question, “Who do you impact?” In other words, “How is someone’s life better because (they have) crossed your path?”

I could go on and on, but for the purposes of time, I’ll share three great messages that can help you reflect on the current state of your life and perspective  (for the purposes of this post, I altered “Women” to “People”):

Successful People:

  • Courage in the face of fear
  • A belief in their ability to navigate obstacles when they come
  • Relationships that strengthen them rather than weaken them
  • Goals that are authentic to their deepest needs and desires
  • A sense of purpose and vision
  • A perspective on life that accepts failure and mistakes as a normal part of the journey
  • A habit of saying “no” to good opportunities in favor of purposeful ones
  • A willingness to take risks

Unsuccessful People:

  • Feel sorry for themselves when things don’t go as planned
  • Give up once they fail
  • Relationships that drain their time and energy
  • Define success by society’s standards rather than their own
  • Put successful people on a pedestal, as though there is some secret success formula they don’t have access to
  • Strive as though success is a destination, a place where they “arrive”
  • Focus on what they don’t have rather than what they do have
  • Are eternal procrastinators who won’t get started because they fear failure and imperfection

If you fall into the trap of any of the characteristics of unsuccessful people, or if you find yourself having a negative outlook on life, just simply press your RESET button (you can even create an imaginary button on your body that you press if that helps you feel you are transforming)!  After pressing RESET, commit to the “Seven Key Decisions” Burton encourages (read the following aloud, post on your mirror, but most importantly internalize and believe):

  • I do not downsize my dream.
  • I focus on solutions, not problems.
  • I choose to be authentic.
  • I choose courage over feat.
  • I choose relationships wisely and nurture them intentionally.
  • I actively seek feedback and use it to grow.
  • I know my purpose and take daily action in the direction of my vision.

“No matter what you encounter on your journey towards your vision, these seven decisions will steer you in the right direction, restore peace and confidence, and boost your happiness even in the midst of challenges” (Burton, p. 17).

So, as you can see I’m hooked on this book and I haven’t even made it to Chapter 2 yet! If you’d like to check our more of the text, click here to read the First Chapter! After googling more about the author, I found a clip where she provides practical steps to accomplishing all kinds of things, even your to do list!

Sometimes I have a tendency to get a little unfocused when it comes to completing an entire to do list in a day, so by asking if “this fits into my purpose” will be an awesome help to get me to fulfill the small things I need to do that will end with successful results. Burton also offers tips on being resilient, improving your work performance, money, relationships and overall happiness at her website  (you may have even seen her on CNN, the 700 club, or speaking at a conference as she is an author, motivational speaker, Professional & Executive Coach). Hopefully something you have read here, or that you will explore in the additional resources from Valorie Burton will provide you with the tools to perservere during tough times, press reset and live the purpose you were created & destined to fulfill!


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