Did You Know You’re the Star of Your Own Movie?!

As a follow-up from yesterday, here is more encouragement that even when your hopes and dreams feel like they’ll never happen….they will! Recently, DeVon Franklin was featured on Oprah. He’s a top Hollywood executive that has worked on bringing some of your favorite movies (such as “The Pursuit of Happiness,” “The Karate Kid,” “Hancock” and “21”) to the big screen. Now, he’s written a book to inspire and explain how your life is just like a movie…and you are the STAR!!!! Here’s a clip that shares more about how he has paralelled his movie career to real life situations, and how through faith, we will always be victors of our life stories.

Click here to find check out an excerpt from his book to determine if you’re living in “Development Hell”….

Still curious to learn more? Here’s a link to his website: Click here!

And yes, you may have seen him in the news lately because he just married the beautiful actress, Megan Good (they met while filming “Jumping the Broom”).


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