Your Personal Boxer…

Sunday at church, the pastor gave an analogy of how we should think of God as a fighter in boxing ring. Similar to the way an announcer gives the stats and background of each participant before a big championship, that’s the way we should remember God’s power in our lives. Here’s an example…think of your latest problem or “dilema”…ok, got it? If there’s nothing…think about one that a friend or loved one or friend is facing. Now, tune in with me and let’s enjoy the fight that’s about to transpire (grab a little popcorn and the best seat in the house so we can truly kick back and enjoy this one..I hear we are about to witness the biggest battle of the week so “let the games begin”)!

The announcer approaches the ring with microphone in hand…the crowd’s cheering…we then hear:

“Standing 6 feet tall with 40 tons on your shoulder, this burden hails from (*insert place or source of problem here-may it be hospital room, workplace, home, etc.*). Determined to make your life miserable and lead you to much stress, worry, pain, sorrow, confusion and anxiety, this opponent is excited and ready to reek havoc over your life & win the Grand championship.”

But then, the announcer looks to the other side of the ring…and introduces the reigning champion:

“Sitting high and looking low, the Alpha and the Omega, King of Kings and Lord of Lord, this unparalleled giant, also known as your father, hails from heaven and sees all things, wanting only the best for you. The UNDEFEATED, UNDISPUTED, giver of mercy, peace, grace, happiness, joy, love, forgiveness, life, and all things amazing in this world, never to leave or forsake you, armed and ready to fight  & WIN your battle….GOD!!!”

If you picture the problems you or loved ones may face, and then think about how mighty and powerful God is (not to mention the miracles HE has already done), there’s no question WHO will win your battles, each and every time. HE is bigger than all of our problems and is the People’s Choice and CHAMP for a reason! This analogy stood out to me on Sunday, and served as a reminder that I am never fighting my battles alone.  After talking to HIM, he always provides a winning strategy. May you be encouraged to remember who fights (and wins) your battles, too! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Your Personal Boxer…

  1. You painted a great picture, and this provides new levels of both peace and rest. Knowing that God is not just a conqueror on the large battlefield, but also a boxer in the smaller rings of life. Thanks for this one.

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