The Power of 2…or Carpe Diem Part 2!

As I reflect on this past week, I smile. It was a great one! Kicked off with a wonderful church service on Sunday and a good time with family and friends. But, I think it was adding in 2 new habits that made it even more awesome!

The first was the 20 min/(for) 21 days of doing something you want to become a habit. In my case, it was writing. The second was altering my daily pattern to accomplish goals I had been putting off. Here’s what happened: I got a groupon a while back for 30 fitness classes for $20, pretty good deal right?! It was for a variety of gyms in my area, and I was excited to see many of them offered yoga classes…that was at the time I purchased the groupon MONTHS ago! Anyway, I checked out the class schedules and saw the ones that intrigued me the most were either super far away (as in at least a 40 min drive) or extremely early in the morning (did I forget to tell you I wasn’t a ‘morning person’). So I took the gamble of an early morning class (the lesser of the 2 evils for my bank account since gas prices haven’t seemed to get back to the $1/gallon days). After selecting a class for this Wed. and waking up early to get there (did I mention it was at 6:30 AM) there was NO parking in sight at the location! It was tucked away in a residential neighborhood with only street parking. I called the place from my car while sitting right in front of it (after circling the block) and asked about their parking lot mentioned on the website. The guy said ‘oh, its already filled, just has a few spots.’ Welp, I tried. Wasn’t for me, but I wasn’t giving up on the early morning thing just yet. I drove home, parked my car and decided to treat myself for waking up early. I walked to my neighborhood Subway and tried something new, an Sunrise Subway melt sandwich with egg whites on flatbread and it was awesome! Ok, before you roll your eyes and get disinterested in this post for mentioning my food intake, its significance is that after getting extremly ill last week from something I ate, I’ve been trying to become more conscience of my food choices. Instead of a quick and cheap McDonalds breakfast buscit, Subway was a much healthier option. Anyway, as I walked home and saw the sun shining brightly, I could only smile and be appreciative of the new day and all of its possibilities. Instead of sneaking in a quick nap, I stayed up and was extremly productive throughout the rest of the day (and even treated myself to a lil’ pool time for it, too)! After going online and finding another class at a different gym for Friday at 7 am, I was excited about trying again. Needless to say, Friday morning I got up early and this time I was successful! Not only did I love the gym, I found another class I want to take and this one starts at…wait for it, wait for it….6 AM! I.Can’t.Wait! Yesterday was awesome, I was more productive than I had been in a very long time, my day felt longer and I felt super accomplished and proud of myself (and did I mention I added green tea to my Subway sunrise flatbread sandwich order to give an extra morning kick after the class)?

All of this is to say, sometimes when you break out of your routine and make one or two little changes, it can make a huge impact on your total life perspective. I would have never imagined going to an early morning workout class and adding 20 mins of writing to my day would have made me feel this good! Actually, I would have probably laughed if someone told me I’d be writing this post a week ago.

Shine your lights, sparkling stars, and make whatever small changes you’ve been thinking about, even if you commit to one day just to see what happens. You may like it so much, you’ll try again. Remember Sam I Am tried Green Eggs and Ham and did! Or, if you’re good to go, encourage a friend who’s been really wanting to do something but still needs that extra push. Better yet, accompany them for the attempt to make the change (sometimes things are easier when you’re not by yourself and have the support of a good friend by your side). The possibilities are endless!

Till next time, unless I bump into you at the gym or while placing my early morning order at Subway, enjoy the first weekend of Summer 2012!! 🙂


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