Carpe diem!

Yesterday a pattern I noticed in my life were messages about using gifts and talents as a means to bless others. I listened to a bible study with this theme, engaged in a fruitful phone conversation where it came up and received two text messages from separate people about it. One of the texts was referring to my writing, which I’ve been hiding out on, and the other was from a friend that shares another creative passion with me. The latter was a text that simply stated:

‘Proverbs 18:16 A man’s gift maketh room for him, and bringeth him before great men.’

I’ve held back on using the very tools that I always said I needed to complete my passion (ie I would say ‘I just need xy and z to get such and such done’ and now that I have the xy and z stuff still isn’t getting done). Now is the time and season to do it…I can feel it. And, I don’t want the opportunity to pass me by…because if I don’t take advantage of the time and resources I have now to do it, I may never have the opportunity again.

Who knows all that may be in store after taking a step to use all you’ve got to achieve all you’ve hoped for and desire. With that said, Carpe Diem everyone…let us seize the day!

P.S. Isn’t it great when the Lord does things to make sure you get a message loud and clear…sometimes it even comes from people or places you would never imagine! These things make life extra exciting and serve as reminders of our fresh beginnings (and new mercies) each day!

Thank you for reading. Feel free to share this with friends you think may benefit (especially those who have gifts and talents they want to use but just haven’t quite ‘around to’ or built up all the courage necessary to achieve their goals & dreams)!


One thought on “Carpe diem!

  1. Thanks so much for your comment! Amen to your testimony and yes, the Lord is awesome (and can be fast, too, right?)! Enjoy all the great opportunities coming your way!

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