Going Through A Storm?

Maybe you’re in transition. Feeling lost? Whatever your issue may be, remember it’s only temporary AND you’re not alone…in these times HE is often closer than ever. Yesterday I learned about  the poem called “Footprints in the Sand” by Mary Stevenson (you’ll see a posting of it reblogged from “Never Lose Hope” in a second). In the meanwhile, the following two songs always help me when times get tough. One is called “Healing” by Kelly Price (I actually had it on repeat yesterday because it’s very soothing, even when you’re not in the midst of a storm it’s a calm reminder of how sweet the Lord is). The other’s by Marvin Sapp and the chorus encourages, “Just know, HE has his hands on you…HE said HE’ll see you through, when you cry HE’s holding you, just lift your hands up high for HE will provide”…so true because listening to this song really has helped me a great deal during test and trials (interestingly, a loved one sent it to me yesterday because it helped them too, particularly the beginning intro). So listen and reflect on the following songs, and know there’s always a rainbow after the storm. *hug!

Counting down until the end of your current chapter? Unemployed? Underemployed? Feeling under appreciated? Seeing life going well for those around you but don’t think your time and blessings will ever come? Sick? Missing a loved one? Caught in a rut? Bills overdue? Think there’s no end in sight? Dreams seem far away?  Coping with some stuff you’d never imagine would occur in your life? Next time any of these feelings creep upon you, recall these songs, and the poem and remember He’s Holding you and ready to provide healing for your soul.

What are some of your favorite songs, poems, quotes or scriptures that help you through times of trouble or when life gets a little challenging?


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