Always a Happy Ending…

Often we sit on gifts and talents we should share with the world…I’m guilty of that. Each day’s a work in progress as I strive to figure out the best way to use my power in the world. As of now, I’m working on disciplining myself and working on leaving my past behind to fully walk forward into all that’s in store for a great future. I’m a private person that doesn’t like to share much of my personal life…I think Erykah Badu expressed it best the intro of her hit song “Tyrone” when she said “keep in mind I’m an artist and I’m sensitive about my shhh”. I feel her sentiments with that statement because for some, personal thoughts and experiences are held sacredly with the goal of being protected from a world of potential scrutiny (honestly, I prefer cheering on others from the background and encouraging them to live their dreams and share their stories). But, I’m learning the things we encounter in life aren’t just learning and growing experiences for ourselves, but others, too! With that said, I’m here to provide a venue for “something real”..comments, thoughts and concerns that aren’t often discussed in our mainstream soft news infested society. Now granted, I’m pop culture junkie, but I’m also keen on the disparities, hardships, challenges and difficulties that we face in life and know the imperativeness of remembering whatever we go through, there’s going to be a happy ending. So by remembering all things will lead to good, I am encouraged to go forth and type and share everything I can to foster a positive environment in the digital space. Feel free to join and share your thoughts and perspectives as your voice and feedback is worthwhile to keep this community flourishing! Thanks for visiting as your presence inspires me to press forward and contribute more things that may make your world a happier place!


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