Sporty Fashion Fans..

To those of you that are torn between your Nikes and Pumps, here is a possible compromise for you:

Sparkly Miami Heat Shoes!

SO while the guys you know are drooling over the latest pair of Michael Jordan sneakers, you can now seek these if you desire! I bet the NBA finals have never looked so…tall! More details about these new “kicks” can be found at this site: NBA Stilettoes Herstar pumps. Enjoy as this is today’s inspiration for what happens when you but a clever idea in motion…(I’m sure the creator of these shoes dreamed quite a while and did many sketches and maybe even got laughed at before the final product came into fruition)! Take a few moments today and write a few ideas of your own of things you’ve always dreamed about…how can you make the world a better place? What’s something that no one before you or after you will ever quite be able to do JUST LIKE you? If you don’t take the time to shine you’re clever ideas, who will? The time is now! And you never know, once you start creating, you’ll have cheering fans of your own, ready to support you, just like the people who will buy these shoes to show their excitement for the Miami Heat Basketball team!


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