International Soul Stars!

Over the years, amazing artists from “across the pond” and all over the world have graced the American charts at record highs! From the iconic Sade (UK) to Monie Love (UK), Slick Rick (UK), Grace Jones (Jamaica), Mel B of the Spice Girls (UK), Wyclef Jean (Haiti) and (not to mention my high school crush Craig David-UK) to current day songstresses like Marsha Ambrosius (UK), M.I.A. (UK), Nneka (Nigeria), Estelle (UK), Rihanna (Barbados) and Melanie Fiona (Canada), talent from members of the African diaspora have no geographic boundaries!!! The unique flavor that’s exhibited in their work shows that the arts are not limited to one experience as the beats, melodies and stories have impacted America’s soundtrack. Enjoy some of the musical highlights of their careers as we value their contributions to our society:

(You may hear a familiar catch phrase in the next song that scored her quite a bit of publicity in the American hip-hop scene as it became a “street anthem” throughout the summer of 2008…”No One on the Corner has Swagger Like Us”)

This post is in honor of African American Music Appreciation Month. If you’re curious about learning more about International Singers that have made an impact on the quilt of American music, check out this post from the lifestyle blog, Madam Noire!


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