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Such a great and powerful post about how we sometimes put so much pressure on ourselves…her story seems very liberating! *A sigh of relief for her at realizing you don’t have to do things alone in life! That’s such a great lesson that I think sometimes we all forget! 🙂


“There are two primary choices in life; to accept conditions as they exist, or accept responsibility for changing them.”                                 -Denis Waitley


I realized yesterday that I had changed. It was not anything seemingly earth shattering, but it has made me think. Let me start by saying that for a long time my mantra as I stomped around the house was, “I have to do everything myself.” This was accompanied by lots of loud sighing, mumbled curses and tons of self-pity. Let me paint the picture a bit.

I am the handy one in my house so I am automatically the fix it person when anything breaks. Outside of Cheez-Its and frozen pizza, I am the only one who cooks anything. I do the vast majority of the cleaning, household errands, and child related…

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