Interesting post about the changing face of America…I totally agree with the original blogger’s first statement referring to the word “minority” as some have an issue with it because feel they are automatically grouped into a category of “less than” due to the color of their skin. With the changing face of our nation, it’s imperative that we all take great pride in the progress that has been made, but, not being blindsided to the injustices that continue to exist. This paragraph sums up the premise of the article:

“What I do hear quite a bit is that people of color believe in the greatness of this country, and they want to help write the next chapter in ways that benefit them and their families. They want a seat at the table, not because they feel entitled but because they feel they have something unique and valuable to offer. And they don’t want to get even; they just want to get ahead.”

Care to share any thoughts?


After the recent news that the majority of the latest generation of Americans are technically minorities (I’m always intrigued by the way we use these words), I am very glad to read an article that finds a great way to encapsulate the perfectly wrong way to look at this development and the perfectly right way. Ruben Navarrette has a column in CNN, and in a recent piece he outlines what these changing demographics really mean for our country: not an angry uprising of former minorities against former majorities (as Rush Limbaugh seems to worry), but a broadening of outlooks and opportunities for the nation.  As the histories and heritages of our citizens develop and combine to form a richer diversity of experience, those who represent the long standing traditions of religion and ethnicity aren’t going away or becoming repressed. Sure, there will likely be strife over these changes in…

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