You Can Be A Star!

Many moons ago, a talented young woman graced the audience of an auditorium in Atlanta, Georgia. She wore a beautiful creme colored dress and serenaded  the crowd as the opening act of a play. The talented artist sang an array of melodies in perfect pitch, and gracefully performed like a pro at the Cotton Club. One song stood out and has served as inspiration in my life, and even this blog. The song is called “Star” and is from her first album titled, “The Audition”. Since that performance, which was in the early 2000s, this amazing superstar earned an array of REAL music loving fans, ranging from Prince and First Lady Michelle Obama to the producers of the Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony in Oslo, Norway! This one of a kind songbird is a gift to the Millennial generation, and her name is Janelle Monae. In the song below, Star, she testifies about her experiences while striving to become successful in the music industry.  Moreover, she encourages that no matter your aspirations, through prayer and perseverance, your dreams can become a reality.

Currently, she can be seen in one of her many polished and chic black & white tux ensembles, which serve as her “uniform” (she strives to keep her talent as the forefront of her career).

This Kansas native is a trailblazer in many ways, not only because of her attire, morals and values as an artist, but a businesswoman, too! At 26, she owns her record label, Wondaland Arts Society. Okay, so as you can see, I could go on and on because it’s no secret she’s one of my favorite artists for many reasons (one of which being that she is able to create substantive content with beats that are timeless).  The clip below may jog your memory of  one of her popular hits:

Janelle Monae should be celebrated for her enormous amount of faith, creativity, originality, integrity as she dares to be different and encourages young girls to be themselves without compromising their uniqueness  for others.

So remember talented Millennials, “You can be a star…you’ve got the greatest gift in the world…just believe and have faith…”-Janelle Monae, “Star”



This clip is of the remix of Tightrope featuring two of my other favorite artists, Lupe Fiasco and B.O.B.!

Make sure to check out her rhyme..especially the fashionistas out there who can appreciate her reference to VOGUE mag!


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