“Let There Be Light”


The sun is one of the brightest stars in the sky…it shines from the center of the solar system and allows us to enjoy light each day.  Like the sun, we should let our light illuminate any dark place we may encounter on earth. I heard an awesome sermon today about “Creating the Calm Before the Storm” based on John 6:14-21 when Jesus walked on water. Later this week, I’ll elaborate more about the sermon’s lessons of taking time for your personal development, knowing how to perform in the dark and proclaiming the truth in your life.

One story that stood out throughout the sermon was about the moon and sun hanging out with each other, and trying to find their ways back home. The sun had no problem finding its way home with the moon, but for some reason, the moon couldn’t find its way home with the sun. On their journey, everything was lit so brightly the moon didn’t recognize its surroundings since it was only used to dark.The sun shined and illuminated everything along their path and the moon could not find its barrings.

No matter where you are, remember to always shine, even when the “darkness” of negative people or storms may come around, or lead you to unfamiliar territory. When the God in you shines, people recognize it…maybe so much so, that the darkness in their life may fade away as you help bring them closer to HIM.

Other powerful words shared throughout the sermon were that sometimes, as your light shines, people may ask you to pray for them, because they know great things are going on with your life and that you have a strong connection with HIM. This is also because they know HE is using you for great things!

Do you remember growing up at the end of Sunday school lessons there was a “memory verse” to help you recall the story discussed for the day. John 1:5 may be a helpful verse to reinforce the lesson that God is always there, even in the dark or when things don’t make sense at all…today’s sermon taught me we should always do things God’s way because HE never fails us:

“God is light; in him there is no darkness at all”- 1 John 1:5 NIV

Other practical steps to making it through a dark season and experiencing “Success in The Shade” can be found here!

Got a thought or lesson you’ve learned lately you want to share? Feel free to comment below!


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