The Double Edged Sword of RTV

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While some suggest Reality Television is a great addition to society due to its ‘abundance’ of diversity, others argue its just another platform to see underdogs cut the fool. Lately, I’ve noticed quite a few television shows featuring people of color visiting therapists. Some shows, such as VH1’s Couple’s Therapy, have counseling as its premise, while others such as Braxton Family Values feature a therapist helping a family through conflicts and alleviating the root of problems. I began to wonder about the role of therapists in reality shows, and, whether or not a) cast members would still go sans the cameras and b) if emotional outbursts during counseling sessions are merely the new ‘shoe ins’ for ratings and increased entertainment value for a show. Sometimes I become torn, because while I think it’s great that negative stigma’s towards going to counseling are being combatted, I wonder how many people are being influenced to visit therapists and seek healthy mental health since they’ve seen their fav. stars sit on the couch.

What do you think?


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