“It’s Good for the Soul”

Has anyone seen the new show on TV One “My Momma Throws Down”?   I saw the first episode and it made me crave serious soul food! Now granted, everyone has their own special set of taste buds, which is why I think it’s kind of difficult to judge soul food (my theory is that your personal history has a lot to do with your enjoyment..ie, I’m from the south and what some of my friends not of the southern persuasion insist is amazing soul food..I politely beg a differ) the show did make me want to experiment and create a few dishes of my own. I found this adorable  website, The Blacker The Berry Food, featuring mouth-watering cuisines and recipes. After finding this site, I did a little blog searching and found quite a few that offered unique recipes with yummy pictures, click here to learn how to make a new sweet treat!

You may find enjoyment in doing the same unique recipe searching. Maybe your fav. restaurant has their recipes online tucked away at a special location? Just in time for summer entertaining (and those potluck dinner parties), you’ll be armed with the secrets of a great dish that will surely be the talk of any event! Also, check out Cuisine Noir Magazine for their review of the show, recipes, and lifestyle guide to equip you with the tools necessary for hosting a 5 star event at your spot!


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