The Revolution will be Twitterized…

Basketball Wives Season 4 Cast Picture
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One amazing part about being a “star” is the power of using your voice to inspire and encourage others. By challenging social norms and being politically progressive, the Millennial Generation is a standout compared to its predecessors, according to the Pew Research Center and experts such as Lisa Orrell. While I’m not sure the age of the Spelman College star and petition organizer fearlessly leading the boycott Evelyn Lozada and The “Basketball Wives” on, it is refreshing to see an outpour of support against the negative images of women on reality TV. featured an article to catch up those of you who may have missed the role of social media to change the tide and create a new discourse about “violence among women on television for entertainment purposes” (  If interested in signing the petition, check out

Additional commentary about the story can be found:



One thought on “The Revolution will be Twitterized…

  1. I saw the petition last week, and gladly signed it! It was certainly refreshing to see someone take a stand against the foolywangery. Boycotting the movie will be my next step!

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