May have found a shoe cure of comfortable AND cute foot decor...
Pumps above by Monticello Shoe Designs

Ever found a new product that you wanted to share with everyone in the world? Recently, I was at a conference in Norfolk, VA and had The BEST shoe experience!!!! Now typically, shoe shopping can be quite difficult for me…I find shoes that are super cute but totally uncomfy or super pricey and after a few wears, my ankle slides out the back (yes, even after I insert the gel cushion pad things), or very comfy until they become so heavy in my rotation, they begin to look like it. So that leaves me to crossing my fingers as I peruse, the aisles of DSW and departments stores each season to find a perfect shoe that fits my toes just right. Until now…when I say you have to add visiting Monticello Shoe (MS) Designs to your bucket list, I mean it ONLY because it has greatly enhanced my life! I’m not even the infomercial type and am totally NOT getting paid to write about this store…it’s STRICTLY because I’m a person that got fed up buying cute heels that after one wear, dreaded putting on my foot again. So those days are distant memories as  I’ve found a shoe that feels like I’m walking on a cloud and in a DREAM! This company has an awesome design team and specializes in making footwear that is extremely COMFORTABLE!!!!! If you visit the actual store, located across the street from MacArthur Center Mall, you will be surprised at the SIGNIFICANT specials they feature, too! Customer service is beyond superb and they really care about you finding not only a comfy shoe, but one that fits EXACTLY what you’re looking for (I was looking for something I could throw on for work or fun, lil’ conservative yet splash of dazzle and they found me a pair that was not only right up my alley, but that I swear was made EXACTLY for my foot)! So definitely check out the site,, and encourage friends in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia to stop by and try on a pair! You can also find their shoes for less on Amazon. Trust, they are definitely worth the investment!

Well, now you know my shoe secret…care to share any of your favorite things? Take care and happy shoe shopping!


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