Foodies Unite!

Okay, I’ll admit…I’m a lil’ late getting into the dinner making game! Recently, I’ve been trying to up the ante with a few quick healthy meals. My latest is when I break out the stir fry pan, throw in some frozen chicken strips and veggies, sprinkle a few seasonings I can find in the cabinet and call it a meal…4 days out the week. Sometimes, I even heat a lil’ quinoa and whole grain brown rice pouch in the microwave and then throw it in the stir fry mix. See the need to expand my horizons?! What’s your fav.  quick & easy recipe? Share it with a comment to your fellow stars! You can even be real fancy and e-mail the recipe with a picture of how it should look at its completion to Note if you would like to remain anonymous or if your name highlighted with the recipe to credit your expertise!


One thought on “Foodies Unite!

  1. I made chicken and cheese quesadillas. It’s quick and easy and pretty similar to making grilled cheese. If you are trying to do low carb, there are special low carb tortillas for the calorie counters. Basically I used mexican cheese, a little salsa and dash of garlic powder and spread it on one side of the tortilla. Make sure you put the torilla in the skillet. Then I added chopped pieces of chicken on the torilla and put more cheese on the top. Put a second tortilla on top and cook for about 3 minutes on both sides. You can cut it in halves or fourths and garnish with salsa and/or sour cream. Remember, if you can make grilled cheese, you can definitely do this!!!

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