So nope, didn’t even attempt to order a Beyonce’ in Atlantic City comeback concert ticket. So what will I do instead? Play “The Beyonce Experience,” “Live at Wembly,” and “Destiny’s Child: World Tour” dvds,  “Beyonce: I Am Yours- An Intimate Performance in the Encore Theater” (saved via dvr from Thanksgiving day..as aired the past 2 years) and all my Bey cds, singing and dancing all the while, knowing without a doubt that I’m on stage with her as I “perform”…talk about a workout! Wait, What? You don’t do it too?! Fine, maybe I’m alone…but I bet you jam in the shower, accapella style…no? Okay, well maybe your time to shine is in the car, on your way to work…when the radio plays your fav. 90s throwback jam, ie. Jade’s “Don’t walk away boy…my love won’t huuuuurt you…” or SWV’s “I’m so into you”!!! Let me refresh your knowledge on how some of these concerts start…first you hear the opening beat drop…you cheese grin…maybe do the “oooooooooooooooooooohhhhhh, that’s my jam” covering your mouth with the fist with joy, as your hand is now ready to serve as your microphone if you’re at a stoplight. And then, after the opening “ooooh hooooooo,” it’s REALLY fin to start, “…I don’t wanna rain on this parade, but I’m starting to question the love that was made…..you’ll not hurt my pride if right now you decide, that you are not ready to settle down….if you love me, say it, if you want me, show it, if you need me, prove it” (Brownstone’s “If you love me” for those that didn’t catch it on your airwaves circa ’94). As you sing along, you know for a fact there’s nothing else in the world that matters AND that you are the fourth member of the singing trio. Maybe it’s not Brownstone, and maybe it’s not SWV, but it’s Janet’s “Control” or Michael’s PYT!?  Secret’s out…I have concerts at my house and in the car..when no one’s looking…and even when they are..sometimes I raise my cellphone and pretend like I”m talking to someone on it…speakerphone style, just so they won’t think I’m a total cray cray (nope, no blinking bluetooth earpieces here).

Am I solo on this one? Anybody out there other than the chick in the photo below feel me?! Her ipod listening even represents the city slickers that may try hard not to show their inner jammin’ness as they ride the train or cruise the streets with earbuds BLASTIN. Or maybe you’re a traffic warrior with a fav. morning radio show that has you geeked to the point it’s painful to not burst of laughin  once you get to your destination and the joke re-airs in your mind…whichever’s your preference, tell me…do you heart YOUR concerts???


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