Someone above is shining their flashlight on you…

Feel lost on the roadmap of life? You know the Lord loves you, that He’s watching and that you only have a little while longer in your situation (as you recall every scripture you know, review notes from fav. sermons and pray to make sure you have an active prayer life and do everything you’re “supposed” to do to get out of a situation) but you still catch yourself searching for an imaginary compass to tell you how to get out of your unfamiliar location.

As you question what led you to your current situation, and replay choices you made in life..may it be attending school, striving  to be a law abiding citizen, registering to vote, limiting your comments on whether Beyonce did or didn’t give birth to that baby and volunteering with a community service group, you can’t quite figure out “where you went wrong” to reach your current chapter. The answer is simple. You DIDN”T do a thing wrong! And you and I both know it’s all a part of the plan.

The good news is you’re not alone. Here’s a place to help you get through it all. Whether you have a dream deferred because various reasons,  (ie family obligations, a hostile work environment, doing everything your “supposed to do”  but can’t figure out why you haven’t landed “the” infamous job, or why you got laid off the one you had, only chocolate chip in a sea of vanilla syndrome, or because ventured far away from your comfort zone, family and friends to fulfill your dreams, only to experience nothing’s quite going as planned…) we all have a story! Now here’s a community of people that have been there…and the one thing we all have in common is that WE know we will make it through because we are destined for greatness.

In between theybf, clutch, youtube, facebook, twitter, gchat and fashion site visits, feel free to decompress here! Remember, no matter if you’re in a cubicle, corner office, library, home, at your favorite coffee shop or standing on your feet working, today makes up a significant piece of your life. Make it count!

Sometimes, when we can’t see past our current situations, that’s when God’s shining his light on us the most. It’s time to adjust your bulb and experience a jolt of inspiration to push you through the rest of your day. Maybe someone shared a word or two that encouraged you…now you can share it to help someone else! Let’s encourage each other with our learned experiences, “aha” moments, words of wisdom and inspiring thoughts.

If you have a list of reasons your dreams would not be able to happen today, brainstorm steps you can take for it to come into fruition.  Make a list of ways you can begin working on even small tasks related to your goals. Think about effective people you would want on your dream team to make it happen. Imagine what you would do if all the resources were at your fingertips to make your dream a reality today…where would you start? From the light shining above on you, anything is just have to believe.


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