Millennials-The Colorblind Generation?!

There’s this cool site,, that shares the voice of the Millennial generation. Of course I’m a total fan…BUT one thing made me cringe a little to the left. In the video clip introducing the site, there is a comment made that “no matter what your race” as if there is a monolithic experience within the Millennial generation. To some, who may not have experienced injustices in the workplace, educational institutions, or looking “suspicious” while walking down the street, that may be their reality. However, to others, who have experienced disparities because of a natural suntan, there may be a slight uneasy feeling upon hearing ideas of living in a “post-racial” society.

I applaud the site for the intellectual commentary and cultural sensitivity of postings. I was just curious as to if I’m the only one that sometimes feels a certain way upon hearing references of living in a colorblind society. Feel free to comment and share your thoughts! Especially juicy fun stories about folks in the workplace, at your school, in the line at the store or “you will not believe what they did” while growing up tales. Vent! It’s your time to shine with an audience ready to snap and applaud you for making it through!


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